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White Premium Pigment 5g

RM 5.00

One of the most versatile pigments to have for any artist. White pigments are a must have to create lightness, pastels and contrasts.

A high quality white pigment which is easy to mix in most mediums. Available in quantities of 5 grams or more.

Each small container contains at least 5 grams of high quality pigments made from mica. Suitable for a wide array of art, you may use these as colorants in your resin, slime, polymer clay, candle making and more!

Weight : 5 grams each

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Additional Note:
Kindly note, during transportation some pigments may settle and thus may appear to be in different quantity. This is also due to the fact that some pigments are heavier in nature than others.

If you would like any other colour options or bulk quantity, please feel free to enquire with us at