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UV Resin 20 -100ml

RM 12.00

Design your very own hand-crafted jewellery, accesories and decor with our ARTORIAS artisan UV resin.

This one part resin can be used immediately from the bottle. Easily use this UV resin with the nozzle tip attachment which will allow you to use small quantities each time.

UV resin generally cures within a few minutes with exposure to a special UV lamp. Cast in thin layers not exceeding 2mm per layer to ensure each layer is fully hardened.

Ideal for smaller projects such as for jewellery making and casting small items.

Finishing: Glossy
Type: Hard
Viscosity: Medium

Additional Notes:
Please ensure resin is used in a well ventilated workspace and safely. Keep away from direct sunlight, children or pets.

For more info on how resin is used, you may also join our workshops and view our informative videos!

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