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Ocean Jasper Pebble - OJ31

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A daily dose of OJ is all you need for some UPLIFTING.

OJ? Orange Juice is great too, but we meant Ocean Jasper!

Sourced from the norteastern coast of Madagascar, these beautiful gemstones come in a variety of colours and patterns.

Also known as Orbicular Jasper, this rare variety of Jasper is highly sought after due to its natural yet intricate patterns created during its formation.

The name Jasper is derived from the Latin word of speckled stone. As for the ocean part of its name, it is due to the fact that these crystals are found near ocean tides.

Said to be able to harness uplifting energy, improve communication and provide calm - this stone is wonderful to keep you company whenever and wherever.

Characteristics: Green and Brown speckles layers. Size is great as a 'worry pebble' as its small enough to take everywhere with you! Worry pebbles are great for relieving anxiety, just rub or keep it within your palms.
Size: 2.7 x 2.2 cm
Weight: 10g

Each crystal is unique with its own natural beauty. There may be surface blemishes, birthmark pits or lines which adds to the natural character of the crystal. Sizes and weight are approximates.