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Crystal Hedgehog Groot - CHG02

RM 58.00

Introducing our new table companions - crystal hedgehogs aka groots! Other than looking cute,they make wonderful sparkly table companions that don't need any feeding and only minimal care.

Characteristics: White | Clear Quartz with raw formation
Size: 61x50mm

Currently available in :
🤍Clear Quartz
Originating from the Greek word for ice, these shimmering gems often have a glacial like appearance and is believed to have an ability to absorb and regulate energy. Thus, bringing a sense of balance and light.

Known for their beautiful purple hues, amethyst colours may range from light lavender to deep purple. In ancient times, amethysts were often used as healing gems to sooth one's souls with serenity and to bring clarity.

If you resonate with any particular ones or would love to have a new sparkly companion at the office, home or garden, do let us know!