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Agate Druzy Heart - WH520

RM 98.00

A beautiful winged heart carved from banded agate with druzy in its centre.

Throughout history, the winged heart has numerous meanings. The most popular meaning of the winged heart is romantic love, freedom and remembrance.

Banded agate is often associated with good health, beauty, harmony and well-being.

A wonderful gift for oneself or your loved ones, this hand carved wing heart is a one of a kind piece for any crystal lover.

Characteristics: Clearly formed natural bandings in brownish greys and white with a bluish tint. Druzy in its centre and mineral inclusions surrounding it.
Size: 9.1 x 5.8cm
Weight: 144g

Each crystal is unique with its own natural beauty. There may be surface blemishes, birthmark pits or lines which adds to the natural character of the crystal. Sizes and weight are approximates.