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Pet Fur Paw Keychain Keepsake

RM 55.00

"Whoever you hold in the heart of you is forever and always a part of you."

Celebrate the beautiful connection between you and your furmily member with this one of a kind embedment keepsake to keep it close to your heart, wherever you may go. 

Commemorate a memory of your pet today with our custom fur keepsakes! 

For any other special add ons, kindly chat with us to discuss your designs or let us know if you have any questions.

Handcrafted Pet Fur Paw Keychain Keepsake 

Shape: Paw Shape

Size: Approx 7x7cm

- Includes customization of colours of real flowers within limitation due to size

- Embedment of fur 

- Gold flake options of gold, silver or rose gold

- Chain available in gold or silver

- Comes gifted in ARTORIAS vegan suede pouch

- Free Name Personalization

- Lead Time : One Month

For any urgent inquiries, please get in touch with us prior to orders

Collection of fur:

1. At the moment we accept fur delivery via postage.

2. Once your order is confirmed, we will provide you further instructions.

3. Fur quantity will be advised according to the project. Usually if you can spare a little more is ideal.

4. Fur must be packed in a sealed plastic bag so it will not be damaged during transportation.

Name of Pet, IG or Email handle must be written on the bag.

5. Fur must be sent using any form of registered mail and borne by client. This is to avoid any lost in mail. ARTORIAS is not responsible for any lost in mail but we will try our best to assist should there be any issues during mailing.